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Those that are pro infestation of AEDES AEGYPTI MOSQUITO need to re- (Geneva)

evaluate the cognitively inept reasons as to why y'all want to change EVERY LIVING THING ON THIS PLANET at a molecular level , for the WORST.
Apparently, those that have the say so, need to go over EVERY scenario that will happen due to their decision in whatever it may be. Say, for example; Creating the worst "refugee" crisis in the history of the World.
The damage that has been caused already by the pollution from the mass increase in air traffic from 2009-2017 !! All that pollution from aircraft went on/in the Land, Oceans, & every living thing on this Planet having to breathe it in. NOT cool !! Not to mention all the Jet fuel that was wasted.
It also caused the infestation of the AEDES AEGYPTI MOSQUITO(the Worlds deadliest insect). Which, in turn assisted in the spread of Viruses to people around the World, & to some of us that are trying to help this Planet & Ecology. Which, in turn these viruses make people less productive.
Please, cease this destruction y'all are causing this Planet & every living thing on this Planet !! As I see it, the destruction far outweighs anything, anyone could ever fix or reverse.
The latest, being this man made spike protein with an extremely sticky bio film it produces. Please use your heads to try & fathom the adverse / detrimental effects that it will cause every living thing on this Planet hence that of which will be done to the ECOLOGY !!
Not to mention all this pollution holding in heat accelerating the melting of the ice, which in turn will accelerate "Global Warming" which will throw the Earth off even more & cause an even faster declination of every........ Y'all that are cognitively aware get the gist of it.

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